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For THAT? Give ‘em THIS.

August 12, 2011

Frans Johansson wrote an incredible book called, The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts and Cultures. The point that he makes excruciatingly clear is that, quite often, inspired ideas come from the unlikeliest of places. Here’s an example from Johansson: “Volvo has delved into a new, fascinating, and intersectional, initiative.  The [...]

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The muscles know…because they do

July 29, 2011
like riding a bike

This is going to sound worse than it’s meant to, but when I started thinking about this post, I wanted to think of an example of something that I couldn’t do…and I couldn’t think of anything. I’m just not a person who says “I can’t do that.” But I know people who are. A colleague, [...]

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The tip of technology

July 8, 2011

I had horrible service the other night at a restaurant. My gut reaction was to not leave a tip, but in the end I couldn’t do it. Why? Because tipping—waiters, cab drivers, hair dressers—has become part of our culture. It’s what we do. Which is funny and so wrong. T.I.P. actually stands for ‘To Improve [...]

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Riffing to find new ways

June 17, 2011
trading 4s

A couple of weeks ago, I headed to New Jersey to hear my boss play. Besides his gig at WPP, he is a prolific jazz guitarist. On this night, he had pulled together a trio—his guitar, bass and drums—and as jazz musicians tend to do, they played together for awhile, and then they broke apart. [...]

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Some things just aren’t contagious

June 10, 2011

Some things just aren’t contagious I was at lunch the other day with a good friend who is a chemist for IBM (he’s got like 10 patents under his name for them…so clearly he loves this stuff!). He was feverishly telling me about the advancement he just made in their chemical plating process….something about erosion [...]

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There’s nothing like being covered

May 27, 2011

As you probably know, when the President of the United States prepares for the State of the Union address each year, he has one task that has nothing to do with his speech. Morbidly, the U.S. Capitol is a prime target for attack when all of our political leaders are inside of it…so the President [...]

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Well, that was awkward

May 17, 2011

Have you ever heard of Kombucha? I’m still not sure what it is enough to really explain it to you, but from what I can gather: it’s an ancient, Chinese elixer made from combining tea, sugar and some sort of bacterial ‘being’ that actually turns this ingredient combo into ‘Kombucha’. It’s very popular right now. [...]

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Stand somewhere else

May 10, 2011
look both ways

I have two delightful children who generally get along very, very well. Except for the rare occasions when they get along not so much. The other day, my daughter left me a voicemail message in which she told me that her brother had punched her in the stomach. In the background, I heard my son [...]

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Beyond the stretch interlude

April 29, 2011

After a long hiatus (and by ‘long’ I mean: since high school) from moving legs quickly for any reason other than work or catching trains, I have recently taken up running.  And besides the obvious benefits here: health and fitness; I’ve noticed a reward that I didn’t see coming when I laced up my Nike [...]

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When you know…you know

April 26, 2011

Recently, I attended a meeting with the most dynamic speakers I’ve ever heard (and I’ve heard a LOT of speakers). They were so good that, even though the topic was not exactly my cup of tea, they each made me laugh out loud, brought the proverbial tear to my eye and motivated me to want [...]

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