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Warming ‘em up for the big day

August 16, 2011

Olympians train for four years (and a lifetime) to prepare for their event at the Games. Sometimes that event only lasts 30 seconds. But even when it lasts a couple of hours, the contrast between the lead up time and the actual playing time is enormous. I imagine that both the athletes that give the [...]

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Can wood speak?

May 20, 2011
phone booth obsolete

Once upon a time, we walked the earth without the ability to call people on the phone whenever we wanted to. Phones existed, but they lived in our homes only—severely limiting our calling power. And then, a brilliant inventor named William Gray came up with a gamechanging concept: the phone booth. They appeared in public [...]

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Stand somewhere else

May 10, 2011
look both ways

I have two delightful children who generally get along very, very well. Except for the rare occasions when they get along not so much. The other day, my daughter left me a voicemail message in which she told me that her brother had punched her in the stomach. In the background, I heard my son [...]

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The cool is in the pudding

May 3, 2011

The Fonz. Arguably one of the coolest cats of our time. But not because of the leather jacket. It wasn’t the tight jeans. His hair. His bike. Or the fact that a single finger snap pulled hot chicks to him faster than the spark of a dumb idea lured Potsie and Ralph Malph. At the [...]

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Every thing has a reason

March 4, 2011

In 1883, Antoni Gaudi began building a ‘church’ in Barcelona. If you aren’t aware, it’s massive. Massive. And it’s not finished. Yet. The current expected date of completion is 2026. But, as they say, we’ll see. Still, it isn’t the time frame, or span, that intrigues me. It’s Gaudi’s architectural style: organic, natural. At every [...]

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The OTHER elephant in the room.

January 28, 2011

Not the elephant no one will talk about even though its presence is ginormous. This is the elephant that a stakeholder won’t stop talking about. And it’s not an idiom. It’s an actual elephant (or fireworks display or ice sculpture). In the room. Or ballroom, as the case may be. I’m talking about the idea [...]

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