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Chris Chambers


The OTHER elephant in the room

Not the elephant no one will talk about even though its presence is ginormous. This is the elephant that a stakeholder won’t stop talking about. And it’s not an idiom. It’s an actual elephant (or fireworks display or ice sculpture). In the room. Or ballroom, as the case may be.…
Chris Chambers
December 11, 2015


When you are not a painter and you walk into a museum, you see finished products—inconceivable framed miracles…or at least great feats created by the combination of a brush and some paint. But, when an artist invites you into his/her creation process—letting you see the generation of every line and curve, asking…
Chris Chambers
November 11, 2015
Onsite ActionStrategy

The ‘Other Team’ dynamic

I’m a baseball guy. I love it – everything about it. Some people think baseball’s boring, but I’m fascinated by every second of the many hours it takes to play each game. In fact, the slow pace often lends itself to the fascination. A team that starts strong might get…
Chris Chambers
October 11, 2016
The business side

Showers are for cleaning…not rehearsing

I don’t know about you, but when I sing in the shower…I sound terrific. Of course, the acoustics help, perhaps the steam, but most definitely the fact that there is no one there to hear me. Same vein, different venue: I have a friend who claims she’s a fantastic driver…but only…
Chris Chambers
September 13, 2015

Jumping Lines

I have a friend who always ends up in the wrong line at the store. At the airport security check point. At any place where there is a line. Always. No matter what. The line he picks is the longest. It’s the one that needs a price check. The one…
Chris Chambers
August 11, 2015