Even without the vowels

By August 5, 2018Strategy

See if you can read this sentence:

“th brwn dg jmpd n th bx.”

Studies show that you can. That even though the vowels are missing, your brain puts everything exactly where it should be.

Have you ever tried to proofread a document that you’ve been working on for hours, even days? You swear it’s all good, only to send it out and have a colleague tell you that you misspelled the word ‘word’.

The mere fact of your familiarity with your content triggers your brain to auto-correct, to gloss over the blurry parts, to fill in the gaps.

Long live professional proofreaders.

What does this mean for your meeting?

It means that if you develop content, speaker presentations, strategy—any piece of your meeting, really—and you keep it all internal, only seen by eyes that know it like the back of their hand, then you might be missing out.

There is no doubt that you know your content best, but the question is: can you really see it?

Find that fresh set of eyes to add the perspective of the ‘unknowing’.  I wonder as I write this if it feels scary to you…if you think that it isn’t okay to let the walls down and let someone from the outside in before the content is ‘show ready’.

Essentially, you’re trusting us not to judge you without your make up on. I get that. But we’re taking a leap as well. We’re asking you to trust that we won’t actually judge. We’re asking you to trust that we love this part—when it’s all messy. We love the process of finding the answers, arranging the puzzle so that the pieces fit. When you bring your expertise and we bring ours—we’re both covered.

The meeting is whole. It’s got vowels…and everything.

– See more at: http://web.archive.org/web/20150911200231/https://rethinkmtg.wpengine.com/even-without-the-vowels/#sthash.I3M2hhYh.dpuf

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