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Back in college, I worked with a great friend installing fire and burglar alarm systems. After all the wires were run through the house, from every window and every door back to the panel, we still weren’t done. We still had to test everything. Inevitably, one of those zones failed the first time we tried it.

It was exhaustive work. Systematic trial and error, one connection and one element at a time, would lead us to any breaks in continuity.

Exhaustive, but a bit fascinating. And at odds.

On some level, I can’t help but think it’s bad luck to assume something will go wrong and, even worse, to go looking for it. You know what I mean? It’s like tempting fate. Troubleshooting literally demands that you inhabit the mindset of failure. Meanwhile, the mindset of success is completely blind to trouble—which could put you at great risk.

Troubleshooting is the dress rehearsal. It’s the paper tech. The cue to cue. The weekly production meetings where you walk through every moment of the upcoming meeting and catch the weak spots. Do we really need to walk through the opening session agenda one more time? Why yes. We do.

Walk it, live it, make it real now…so that when you need it—it works.

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