The cool is in the pudding

By September 13, 2016January 16th, 2018Scenic/Environments, Strategy

The Fonz. Arguably one of the coolest cats of our time. But not because of the leather jacket. It wasn’t the tight jeans. His hair. His bike. Or the fact that a single finger snap pulled hot chicks to him faster than the spark of a dumb idea lured Potsie and Ralph Malph.

At the end of the day, his title as ‘the coolest’ boiled down to one thing: he never ever declared it.

He was certainly known to give a look that said, “Come on, I’m the Fonz.” And everyone else talked about it ad nauseam, ad infinitum. But the Fonz himself never uttered the words.

He didn’t need to. Every sense of those around him was infused with the cool that oozed off of him. He built an environment of cool.

What are you?

Or better yet, what is your company, and therefore, the message of your meeting?

Passionate. Dedicated. Energetic. The Best. Strong. Dynamic. Strategic. Innovative. Cool?

Whatever you are, it’s integral that you build a meeting environment of ‘it’ around you. It should permeate the scenic environment, the lighting, the brand theme, the speakers, the content delivery, breakout activities, the opening moment, the closing video…your entire meeting.


Because the work needs to speak for itself.

Think about it: if you have to tell your audience what their reaction should be, then there’s a problem with the work (and by work, I mean all of the elements I mentioned above). If it’s done well, you won’t need to tell your audience how to feel, the experience you create will compel them to feel that way (about themselves, about you, about their role in the company).

Don’t say you’re cool, be cool. (Oh, and don’t sit on it, either.)

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