There’s more than one way to skin a…

Note: I am fascinated by LEGO® products . Always have been. And I recently learned some things that took the WOW factor up several notches.

* There is a proprietary software used by LEGO Group that takes any image and transforms it into a 3-D image…a blueprint of LEGO bricks, layer by layer. This took their process of building models from 400 hours to 30 hours.
* LEGO Master Builders built a 30+ foot model of Poseidon.
* The company’s love and respect for kids and their creative learning process is ironclad.
* And my personal favorite: Grab six eight-stud (that’s a 2×4) LEGO bricks all of the same color. Do you know how many possible combinations there are for these six bricks? 915 million, that’s how many. 915,103,765, to be exact.

For a long time, the number was thought to be 102,981,500. The mistake was due to the fact that there wasn’t a computer smart enough to figure out the answer. And now there is.

It goes without saying that, once I heard this factoid, my mind started translating LEGO bricks into MEETING bricks.

I quickly realized that we have a lot of bricks:

  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Graphics
  • Fonts
  • Keynote speakers
  • Chairs
  • Screens
  • Stages
  • Words that make themes
  • Words that make speeches
  • PowerPoint slides

Just start with the first one: colors. Do you know how many colors there are? It is estimated that the human eye can see between one and 10 million colors.

So… if LEGO Group started with six bricks and reached 915 million possibilities, and just one of our bricks has up to 10 million parts to it. I can conclude one thing:

They haven’t made a computer big enough to figure out how many MEETING brick combinations are possible.

Note: I’m fascinated by meetings…and their unlimited possibilities.

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