In 1879, Thomas Edison asked us to rethink light.

And we did.

Because why would we use a CANDLE when we could use a LIGHT BULB?  The old way worked, but the NEW way was better. It was BRIGHTER and it lasted LONGER.

Right now, MJM is asking you to rethink your meeting.

We could plug your meeting into the standard template: stage, screen, PowerPoint, speaker, lectern.

But we’d rather work with you to uncover your OBJECTIVES, create a single-minded STRATEGY and build an ENVIRONMENT that supports your MESSAGE.

We’d rather mine for what is truly YOU…and then present it to your audience so DYNAMICALLY, so PURPOSEFULLY—that they rethink you, the company, their role, their responsibility, their path MOVING FORWARD.

Because even though the old way works, the new way is BRIGHTER.

And it lasts LONGER.